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Reign Creations is a Culture Creation &  Restoration company that helps restore the power to the people by teaming up with small businesses in order to transform them into places of continuous development for products, services, and more importantly, the teammates who operate them. 


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We are experiencing a very unique moment in time right now, almost like a tipping point in the evolution of human existence, and because of this we are facing serious challenges.    


Challenges such as:

  • The lack of financial literacy for the masses.  THE, primary causes of the rapidly widening gap between the elite and the peasants.  I mean, who wants a financially strong nation right? 

  • The lack of a fair and liberal education that would help develop better members of society.


  • The lack of real leadership and accountability with most of our elected officials and most authoritative figures. Gross lack of integrity!

  • The lack of a solid vision for America.  A vision that most of the, "United States" would be willing to support, one that helps hold EVERY President and EVERY government official accountable while in office, serving "We The People."  What's the collective Vision for America?  What unites America other than boarders, taxes, interest rates, and debt? 


  • Civil unrest.  We've never been more divided and closed minded, at least not since I've been humble opinion.  Between forced schooling "educating" the masses, all churches "loving thy neighbor," a government that is "for the people" and with integral police departments "serving and protecting" their communities equally, we shouldn't be in this situation...should we? 

  • Technology is advancing at a very rapid pace and because of this, the human mind is being challenged with its capacity to adapt and adjust to the effects. Especially when it comes to the blatant lies and deceit that comes from most mainstream media. 


  • Climate concerns.  Whether the primary cause of concern comes from human waste and destruction, Government control and personal agendas, or a billion year cycle that scientists are unaware of, or all of the above, there are definitely climate concerns. 


  • Business monopolies.  Amazon, Google, Big Pharma, Disney, Facebook, Walmart, Starbucks, Home Depot, etc.  These are just some of the obvious businesses that are dominating and controlling factors in business today.  They have the largest influence on how humans and society operate.  

  • Operating off of faulty, outdated, ineffective, and inefficient legal & judicial, education, voting, driving, financial, welfare,  Systems provide consistent results, whether good or bad.    

The list goes on and I feel that there is way too much ill intent and corruption being felt and experienced around the world, with a lot of disregard for most of humanities wellbeing...and it needs to stop!

There is a lot of very important and beneficial knowledge that is available yet kept from making its way into the "forced" American education system, knowledge that will absolutely help develop and strengthen all members of Society when applied properly.  

I mean, who is responsible and accountable for the results of "Forced Schooling?"

What is the reason we have not updated our "educational" system with such knowledge? We do want a strong people, a strong "United States" correct?  

The American School System, "Forced Schooling" does next to nothing when it comes to helping children prepare for, "the real world," wasting a large portion of each child's "lifetime." 


What is the reason for this?

  • Power & Control?

  • Greed & Personal agendas? 

Pulling from over 30 years of my personal, professional, and entrepreneurial experience, and utilizing the tools, methods, strategies, and techniques that I have acquired, used, and have gotten results with, I am creating a unique and powerful program that is designed to help restore the power to the people.  🥰

What is this "Power" that I speak of?  Just wait and find out 🤓


Ricky T! 

Culture Creator & Business Strategist Extraordinaire