If you are a Small Business owner you may or may not be aware of your company culture.  Some businesses intentionally create a specific culture from the very start of their business while others jump right in and operate off of an unsaid culture. 

What is it about a culture that is so important and beneficial?  Before we answer that excellent question let's take a look at what culture means by definition.


1. The arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively.

2. The customs, arts, social institutions, and achievements of a particular nation, people, or other social group. 

3. Development or improvement of the mind by education or training. 

4. The behaviors and beliefs characteristic of a particular social, ethnic, or age group. 

Back when I was serving on the leadership team of a company that was in it's infancy phase I focused heavily on culture creation because I knew for a fact that this particular company did not start off by intentionally creating nor communicating a specific culture and there were obvious repercussions becaue of it.  


If you don't have a clearly defined culture that can be properly communicated throughout the life of your business than you and your core teammates will be at the mercy of whatever is thrown your way.  For example, if you do not clarify the 1st three components of your business it will be far more challenging to acquire and build an All Star Team because the majority of those who walk through your doors are doing so only because they need a paycheck to pay bills.  It is very similar to how most people enter an intimate relationship.  It's the physical attraction first and once committed to the relationship is where we begin to find out the type of culture we have signed up for. 


When you have a clearly defined culture you are able to attract and recruit the teammates that resonate with your culture which means you will then have the proper support needed in order to perform at your companies highest potential, and because of this your clients are guaranteed an experience that would otherwise not be available or possible.  Clarity is power.

Below are the 5 components that are guaranteed to put any business in the drivers seat with confidence. These 5 components MUST be created and clearly defined in their respective order otherwise you will surely spin your wheels never reaching your max potential as a Small Business which means you are left wide open and vulnerable to situations like the one so many Small Businesses are facing today with Covid 2.0 at your service.  

So!  IF, you are not too hip on the idea of being forced to shutdown, having to layoff teammates, having to pay ridiculous taxes and interest rates (modern day slavery) and are just simply tired of the challenges of finding the proper teammates (good help is hard to find) then let's take a look a the 5 components shall we?


Do you have a clearly defined Vision of the company you want to create?

Do you have a clearly defined Mission for your team?

Do you have clearly defined company Values?  

If not why not?


Do you have clearly defined Expectations of what can be expected of new hires and of your company? 

Do you have clearly defined Responsibilities for each role or position on your entire team? 

Do you have clearly defined Accountability measures in place? 

If not why not? 


Do you have a clearly defined program for scouting talent? 

Do you know who your ideal teammates are?

Do you play to win?

If not why not?  


Do you have clearly defined daily operational systems?

Do you understand the importance and benefits of Automation? 

Do you understand the importance and benefits of Duplication? 

If not why not? 


Do you have effective and efficient training and development programs in place for you and everyone on your team?

Do you understand the importance and benefits of having excellent training and development programs in place for. you and your entire team? 

If not why not? 

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