Small Businesses are the vehicles to help facilitate a movement that would help restore the power to the people. 


What if Small Businesses became a place of continuous development, not just for products and services, but for humanity as well?  Just imagine how much better your teams would function if most of them were in better financial positions, better mental and physical health, and or had a solid direction in life? 

Most people by choice or by nature, decide to quit growing, developing, and strengthening themselves shortly after graduating high school, college, or starting a job.  I have always wondered to myself, what is the reasoning behind this, especially when there seem to be so many of us struggling unnecessarily in some area of our life.  If we are not proactively, consistently, and continuously growing and developing ourselves then we in fact become a hindrance to society because society now has to make up for the things that most of us just don't understand nor comprehend.   


Imagine if you helped your teams tap into their passions, their performance would be ten times better because of it.    

I believe every business has a moral obligation to take a very active role in the continuous development of their products, services, and especially their teammates (employees) otherwise, why are you in business?  Seriously, WHY?

There are said to be 30.7 million Small Businesses in America and even if we only figure in 10 employees for each business, that's a lot of people that Small Businesses can grow, develop, strengthen, and restore the power too, especially when we factor in the friends and families of every single teammate (employee).

Small Businesses are the vehicles to restore the power to the people and strengthen our Nation. 



  • Initial consultation

  • Clearly define all 5 elements on paper

  • Diagnose / Prognosis / Prescription

  • Transfer to computer / hard drive

  • Prepare game plan to properly communicate to leadership teams and front-liners. 


  • All cultural changes and why...V.M.V.

  • How everyone plays a part...E.R.A.

  • What's expected from all parties involved...E.R.A.

  • How everyone benefits individually and collectively


  • Work with leadership on culture creation via T.L.W about progress.

  • Work with front-liners via one on one coaching session 

  • Observe daily operations and take notes for T.L.W.

  • Make adjustments as necessary and as stated in game plan 


T.L.W. = The Lead Weekly

You and or your leadership team, and myself meet weekly to discuss challenges, successes, game plan moving forward. Hold each other accountable.  Coaching.

Huddle = Quarterly team check-in

You, your leadership team, your frontline team, and myself meet for a quick personal & professional goals check-in.  (luncheon / hype session / pep rally)


Accountability Measures =  What happens when expectations, responsibilities, personal, and professional goals are not properly met.  

(videos that reflect situation and must write how prevent or ensure will or won't next time)


Book Club =  Leadership development program with homework assignments and exercises. 

Group forums = Leadership & Front-liners to help each other study for exams and contests, chat about culture change, goals, etc.


  • Your 5 elements.  Are they clearly defined?  And how do you know?  

  • Your Goals/Results.  What are the goals or desired results you are out to achieve? 

  • Your Resources.  What are you currently using to help you move closer to your goals?

  • Your Challenges.  What is not working?  What roadblocks?

  • Your Successes.  What is working?  What helps clear the path? 


  • We discuss what will happen if you do nothing about your current situation


  • We create a prescription that works best for you, your teams, and your companies current situation. 

Spending up to two weeks on location, all up in your business taking a deep, outside the box look into:

  • Your companies current culture to get a better understanding of challenges we discussed during our initial strategy meeting.  

  • How your teams interact with each other and with your leadership teams. 

  • How your current culture is supported by all teammates including leadership

With permission and jumping through the right hoops when necessary, I get in the trenches with you and your teams to get a first hand experience of your company's operations.  This is an invaluable resource to any business who desires to create a winning culture. 

Once an in-depth diagnosis has been performed I will then submit a prognosis along with a couple of suggested prescriptions, you chose a route to take and we move in that direction.   


  • Discuss current culture, goals, challenges, and successes

  • Observation of how teammates support company culture and interact with each other.  

  • Diagnose, Prognose, Prescription based off of initial discussion

  • Clarify and create new 5 elements.


  • Team Huddle to communicate cultural changes with entire team

  • Deep into implementing and materializing your 5 elements. 

  • Deep into development programs (personal, professional, business)

WEEKS 8-12

  • Continue with culture implementation

  • One on One goal / development sessions with all teammates. 

  • Incentive & Rewards program for V.M.V. memorization and other. 


  • While I am off location we still interact via email, conference calls, text, webinars, etc.