OVER 20 YEARS. . .


My journey began when my mom helped me escape a very abusive step father by flying me from Maryland to Washington State when I was 8 years old to live with my Aunt and Uncle.  From day one I received a type of attention that I had never before experienced, one of which I was drawn to, appreciated, and loved! 



My Uncle is your quintessential entrepreneur and businessman who quickly became my father figure and although my Aunt did assist with just about every aspect of each business her real interest, love and talent belong to numbers.


The earliest of all of my experiences started when my Aunt and Uncle purchased their first piece of land.  We spent several years clearing that land. Falling trees, removing stumps, limbing branches, cutting 12" sections of each tree with chainsaws later chopping all of it up for firewood, stacking and stacking and stacking preparing for winters to come.  After the land was cleared we put a $3,000 rundown trailer on it which needed a special sealer applied to the roof every summer to help reduce the number of leaks during the fall, winter and spring seasons.  It's Washington State...remember?   

As time went on we built a house one half at a time and eventually removed the trailer from the property.  Building everything from the concrete forms to the roof of the house was where I would learn how to use a tape measure, a skill saw, a table saw, a drill press, amongst all the other tools necessary to build a house.  We worked form sun up till sundown, rain or shine taking breaks only when the tractor, chainsaw or other equipment needed gas and or sharpening...and lunchtime 😁😋 

My Grandfather and Grandmother owned  lots of land and ran a full on personal farm with chickens, cows, pigs, along with 2 large indoor and outdoor gardens.   My Grandmother was an amazing cook/baker and her chocolate chip cookies were my favorite.  She canned and jared just about everything.  Talk about some serious home cooking! 


I spent several summers helping my Grandmother butchering the chickens.  We would slit their throats, hang them upside down to let them bleed out, skin them, gut them, and put them into large freezer ziplock bags. Talk about a life experience for a 9 year old.


1989 - World Selections was the first business that I was ever involved with and it was the first business of my Aunt and Uncle's. 

In the parking lot of the Marysville Mall we sold trinkets and gadgets from the Philippines and Hong Kong later claiming some real estate inside of the mall, eventually acquiring an actual brick and mortar store front.  I was more of a grunt worker but loved every moment nonetheless.  Stocking shelves and taking inventory was my primary responsibilities. 


1993 - Express Vending was their second business.  Here I would help run routes filling machines with cigarettes, snacks, drinks, candy and stuffed animals. I also helped collect, count and deposit money, inventory and helped with shopping for goods and supplies.

1996 - Service of America is probably one of my most treasured business experiences because I took a key role in building this one from the ground up and although I was severely allergic to grass and weeds I was able to create, operate, grow clientele, and sell this business for a very favorable profit.  I sold it to a humble family man who was one of our most trusted employees at the time and I am positive he turned it into a multi-million dollar operation.  

At the beginning of creating this business is where my passion for personal development began.  I had lots of clients asking me questions like how to prune trees amongst other things and I didn't like telling them, I don't know, not to mention the additional revenue I was missing out on.  To better this situation I decided to go to our public library, because internet wasn't born yet, I checked out a few books on pruning and taught myself...game over!  Ever since then I would seek out any and all necessary information in order to better my ability to add value to all clients.  

This was also the same timeframe when I began my financial educational journey.  One day while out servicing clients I stopped by our local bank to make a deposit and saw a sign advertising a free financial class on budgeting.  I ended up being the only person to sign up and because of that I was able to get a free one on one coaching session on budgeting.  This made a significant impact in my personal, professional, and business life. 

1997 - Global Investments was a remodeling / flipping houses project.  The role I played here was that of a project manager.  Using all of my prior skills acquired I was able to play a key role in the success of this venture.  Lots of trouble shooting, creativity and perseverance required. 

1997 - Coffee Drive Thru was a business I helped do a lot of grunt work for.  With several locations I got to enjoy the coffee industry a little bit.  I never made coffee though I did drink a lot of it.   My Aunt and Uncle ran this business in conjunction with Global Investments.  I didn't help much on this business because I was helping to manage Global Investments.

2000 - Associated Painters is where I held my first leadership role and title.  I had the privilege and honor to have worked for and with such an amazing company.  Traveling all over the United States with a ban brothers providing the aviation paint industry some of the best quality paint jobs period. 


2008 - Luminous Entertainment is an entertainment company that my wife Jacqueline and I started in Oklahoma City.  This was another business that I had built from the ground up.  For many of years my wife and I did  very well in growing our business and I truly believe it's large part because of all the ADJA, MBLV, and Wedding MBA conventions that we attended.  During this timeframe I went "all in" on my personal, professional, and business development attending lots and lots of conventions, seminars, workshops, networking, toastmasters, books, audio books, CDs, DVDs, etc..  My wife and sold this business so we could move to Ponte Florida for a major life change...and a life change is exactly what it was. 

2014 - Landlocked Aviation Services is an aviation company that I worked for during the first 5 years of its infancy start up phase.  Although I had several leadership position and roles prior to this, my time serving on the leadership team at Landlocked was invaluable!  I wore many hats during this time like, production lead, productions manager, trainer, and systems developer.  Playing a key role in the start up phase I was so blessed to have the ability to help create some solid training and development programs.  This consisted of several different components and is really where my 5 components to any winning culture was born. I have plenty of documentation of projects that I created which produced excellent results and I am ecstatic to share my experiences with you as I bring them to market.  This is the same year that my wife and I began our Tony Robbins Events binge.  🥰🔥🎖

2019 -  Reign Creations was started because of the lack of real Leadership in all areas of America.  For decades as I worked for and with several businesses in just about every major industry imaginable, building, managing, leading, training and developing teams, I have heard too many business owners, managers, leaders, and frontliners, complain about the same things.  "Good help is hard to find."  "I need more hours, or money."  "Living the dream."   

Ever since my first book on pruning trees I have had a never ending thirst for personal development.  I made an oath to myself that I would do whatever it took for as long as it took to brainwash, condition myself into becoming    wealthy..not just financially either. 

Since 2006 to date I have invested over $175,000 of my own personal money into my personal, professional, and business development, putting myself through my own personalized college and I will never stop investing in myself because it's the absolute best investment I've ever made!  Personal development is hands down the most lucrative investment anyone could ever make!


With over 30 years of working for and with, creating, leading, managing, developing training programs, strengthening daily operational systems, for businesses in several different industries, Ricky T! has decided that "It's Time" to step out on his own and help restore the power to the people! 

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