On my 18th birthday my mother, Amy Matthiesen had purchased my very 1st Technique 1200 turntable...from a pawn shop for $250. Now anyone who knows the value of Techniques knows that I got it for a steal! But why or how did I get into turntables to begin with? Great question and here's the answer.

I was always fascinated by the sounds of a record that was being manipulated only to create endless combinations and variations of other sounds. In fact Art of Facts, "That's Them" was the 1st album I listened to that introduced me to the scratch concept.


I was cruising along with Jeremy Archie, a childhood friend while listening to Art of Facts and I remember vividly when I herd them scratch I thought to myself, I want to do that!

Jeremy always had some really cool east coast hip hop on deck and I took to most of it because it seems to have more value in the content that was being expressed by east coast artists.

I spent countless hours practicing, "The Art of Scratch." COUNTLESS!

Just like writers block there are times a, "Turntable Artist" would get scratchers block. LoL.

Although there are many great Turntable Artists out there QBert is one of my all time favs!


DJ Qbert is a legend in his field of expertise...along with many others but he is definitely one of the all time greatest hands, I mean fingers down. LMFAO!

I had the pleasure and honor of meeting Q at a promotional tour he was doing for his, at the time, new turntable that he created. Long story short I pushed past comfort zones and asked Q permission to do something that the bouncers were denying me off...taking pictures of Q. So what did he say when I asked if it was cool to take pics?

YUP! He not only said it was cool but we took a selfie together and he signed my Beat Juggle Bob original copy. After that his road manager Kendo brought myself, girlfriend at the time and my best friend Tyson back stage to watch the show on a couch right behind Qbert sitting right next to Mix Master Mike! Crazy cool! I will upload pics later. PROMISE!

So in the end, it all started with 1 Turntable and a microphone, inspiration from other artists and lots of determination to be great one day. Well, great one day was the case but not in as a turntable artist. What did I become great in then? Great question. You will find the answer if you visit my, "Reign Creations...The Full Stroy". COMING SOON!

Sincerely, Ricky T!

Culture Creator & Business Strategist Extraordinaire @ your service.

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