Why are we interested in the story of the chained elephant?

To some degree we can all relate to the story of the chained elephant because this story is a perfect example of what many if not all of us to some degree experience and go through during our life journey .

With the circus in town a young boy couldn't help but be excited to see the show so he asks his parents if they would please take him, and so his parents take him.

Doing what most excited young boys do he decides to wonder about after the show was over because he was curious of all the large animals. Shortly after he had been wondering for a bit he comes across a large elephant and notices that it is chained up to a post in the ground. The young boy also notices that the elephant, being large and extremely strong, could pull the post out of the ground with no problem but after a little more thought he quickly realizes that from birth elephants are chained up both so they don't run off, (short term goals) and so that they are conditioned to not even try to leave by the time they are fully grown...because, how are you gonna catch a fully gown run away elephant?

Reasons for staying

The boy understood that the elephant didn’t realize how big and strong it was when it grew up. The elephant only remembered being a small elephant fighting against a chain and stake that wouldn’t budge. This is why, although it could now free itself, it no longer tried. To the elephant, the memory of that impossibility in the past was stronger than the real possibility of the present.

The story of the chained elephant resembles many people’s stories, people who remain tied to bad past experiences. They don’t try again because they’re holding on to their negative experiences. This holds them back from the real possibilities of the present that could completely transform their lives.

“When attachment has no more reason than habit and there’s no purpose that gives meaning and transcendence, it’s time to let go.”
-Sergio Sinay-

It is only through years of repetition with the elephants being chained up that allows the small chain to keep the fully grown massive elephants in place without worry of them running off.

Is there something in your life that you can look back and see how through repetition you have been chained and now you automatically just settle for what life allows you to do, have and be?

If it was created through repetition then it can be re-created through repetition!

Do you enjoy being chained? If not then FREE YOURSELF!

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