Updated: May 9, 2019

What does Aircraft Painting 🖼 have in common with Weddings, Events, and Business development?

Great question!

The answer lies beneath the picture...


Over the past 18 years I have had the pleasure, honor and absolute privilege to help CREATE from the ground up some amazing and profitable companies BUT! Landlocked Aviation Services, "The Best aircraft paint company in the world!" has been one of my personal favorites because of the challenges we faced were overcome with camaraderie, blood, sweat, tears and tenacity!

What does Aircraft Painting 🖼 have in common with Weddings, Events, and Business development? Let's take a look.

M.V.V.D. = Create clearly defined = Mission - Vision - Values - Declaration

E.R.A. = Create clearly defined = Expectations - Responsibilities - Accountabilities

A.S.T. = Create clearly defined = All Star Team with specific positions

S.A.D. = Create clearly defined = Systems to Automate to Duplicate

T.D.P. = Create clearly defined = Training / Development programs

There are soooooo many complexities that must be planned for and taken into account to ensure goals, timelines and objectives are met in the most efficient and effective ways possible.

Aircraft Vendors are no different than Wedding or Event Vendors. In the Aircraft 🎨 world there are lots of moving and working parts with the unpredictability of people being the most challenging of all.

What makes people such a challenge to work for or with? Well, People are not always predictable but we can be certain that people are most definitely unpredictable and sometimes very unpredictable hence the challenge.

From Weddings to Events to Business Growth and Development a strong structure, communication, commitment, focus, Mission, Vision, along with an excellent team to bind all the important elements together are an absolute necessity.

1. Strategize with your Mastermind Team.

2. Craft a simple concise game plan that is easy to communicate and execute.

3. Communicate your game plan with all those involved in your Wedding, Event, Business, Family, etc.

4. Execute game plan.

5. Monitor and adjust game plan.

6. Repeat process until you achieve desired results.

If you do not CREATE a clearly defined and well thought out game plan for any task, project or goal you undertake, time and $$$$$ are left on the table! Money can be recouped...Time as we know it can not so listen up!

Regardless of what industry you are a part of preparation is key to your success so make sure you craft a game plan that is easy to S.A.D. = Systemize, Automate, Duplicate. This structure allows your game plan to be more easily communicated and carried out between you, your team and all those involved.

With almost 2 Decades of leading in the trenches building and restoring small businesses Reign Creations is more than equipped to craft and execute an excellent game plan for you no matter what your challenge, occasion or industry may be!

Our Motto here at Reign Creations is, Life is short so..."Make it Reign"


Ricky T!

Reign Creations

Culture Creator & Business Strategist Extraordinaire...@ your service.

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