There is an epidemic spreading across the globe at an alarming rate, can you guess what it is?

Why is it that never before in the history of our existence on this planet have we ever experienced such an epidemic and is there anything we can do about it?

How is this epidemic affecting you, your family, your friends, your business?


Although accountability isn’t the only thing that seems to be lacking from societies daily operational movement, it is nonetheless one of the most important and beneficial.

Having accountability measures put into place helps to keep your team on track without veering too far off the preferred path.

Being held accountable usually happens when a teammate has not met expectations and or responsibilities based off of how each company sets it up.

If created properly, accountability is a major part of your development program.

I have had several intentional accountability partners over the years and a personal trainer was one of them. Scott Do from Do it right fitness in Oklahoma. Scott held me and my wife accountable for the meals we ate and for the calories we burned each week.


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At what point did we begin going down hill when it comes to holding ourselves and others accountable?

Is it because we don't want to hurt others feelings?

Is it because we don't want to jeopardize relationships for the sake of the project?

“We will get it tomorrow” / “Don’t worry about it” / “Next time” / “Just turn a blind eye”

“Nobody’s looking” / “It’s not my job” / "I'm only a few minutes late" / etc.

We will walk through your goals and challenges together dissecting them piece by piece and by the end of our meeting you will be more equipped to handle any challenging situation.

The thing that I want to leave you with is this...however you set up your accountability measures you MUST follow through with them as stated to each teammate on your team before they step on the court. (during the hiring process)


Ricky T!

Culture Creator & Business Strategist Extraordinaire

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