We are the backbone and lifeblood of the American economy creating two thirds of new jobs driving innovation and competitiveness. 


Large corporations are quickly killing Small Businesses via monopolies and are always the first to get government assistance (bailouts)

And because we are the underdogs 😎


According to the Small Business Administration small businesses create 1.5 million jobs annually and account for 64% of new jobs created in the United States which means...Small Businesses are a Big Deal! 


Going beyond the economic growth, unlike most large corporations Small Businesses represent families, friends, communities, and real client relationships...Small Businesses represent the "American Dream" 

When we team up and work together to restore the power to the people we not only fatten our bottom lines, we not only create a better quality of life for all of those on our teams, we also help change the trajectory of America's future!

Small Businesses are the vehicles that are able to facilitate this movement in restoring the power to the people.  

Acting Chief Counsel for Major L. Clark...


"While their contribution has grown at a slower rate than that of large businesses, small businesses continue to be at the forefront of driving innovation, jobs, and economic growth."


Ricky T! Founder of Reign Creations...

"Small Businesses are the vehicles that have the ability to support and facilitate such a movement when it comes to restoring the power to the people"