TOP 3 POWERS. . . 


2. Vision

3. Health

Why these 3?  Because those who are prepared and strong in these 3 areas are far less likely to feel and or be at the mercy of Government, Corporations, Big Pharma, Individuals, dictating when and how we should live and operate...

When you are financially strong you, your family, your friends, and your teammates will all walk through life with peace of mind which leads to confidence which leads to a better quality lifestyle. 

When you have a clearly defined vision it gives you direction which not only gives you something to wake up to, something to look forward to, it also gives you something that can be broken down into bite size pieces, systemized, tracked and measured. 

When you are feel healthy you think and perform better and when you think and perform better you attract positive things into your life like more money, ideal teammates, purpose, a stronger immune system, etc. all of which will leave you more fulfilled. 

Want to know what other power elements to consider?  I hope so because these elements are not taught in traditional schools yet have some of the most powerful positive impacts to the development of individuals (society)