Our online resources are strictly to maximize efficiencies otherwise, in person and on location is always best.  Our online resources are for the following:

Employee   = Teammates, Frontline

Leadership = Management, Supervisor, Leadman

Employer    = Owner, Founder, President



3 MONTH  /  6 MONTH  /  12 MONTH 

On location is the best way for any business to receive full value from any coach because it's in the heat of the moment where we are really able to shape your culture, and it just happens to be Ricky T's specialty.  


So many things happen on a daily basis with a fair bit of them being slightly to extremely different and without the proper coach, how can any team expect to operate closer to their full potential?  


Think about it.  If you look at sports, military, movie stars, and musicians, they all share one thing in common, they all use some form of coaching. Sports is an excellent example of the importance and benefits of having a coach on location because they sit on the sidelines of each and every game?  Boxing, same thing.  How well do you think teams would operate without the proper coach on the sidelines?  In the military the drill sergeant and the and those who stay at base while coaching a platoon or Seal Team from a far, are coaches.  In Nascar a, "Crew Chief" coachs the driver and team. 

Coach's have some form of prior experience, knowledge, and insight that you do not.  

1. Clearly define & Create all 5 Components

This is where all parties involved in the creation and implementations process sit down to clearly define each one of the 5 components.  Starting with your company vision and finishing up with Training and Development. 

Getting the involvement of your entire team to help describe the Values of the company is a power play in the creation!  The more you can involve them the stronger your creation. 

2. Properly Communicate all 5 Components

How do you properly communicate all 5 components?  


1. All hands on deck meeting.  (entire team)

2. Incentive program to memorize component #1

3. Post stylish signage made by teammates throughout company in specific locations. 


3. Implement all 5 Components 

4. Adjust as necessary

5. Repeat until exactly where / how want it

TLW = The Lead Weekly:


Your leadership team and I meet once a week to discuss progress of implementing your daily operational systems. 

1. Challenges

2. Successes

3. Ideas & Solutions

4. Clarify new battle plan moving forward


You, your leadership team, and myself will meet once a month to discuss the progress with your training and development programs. 

1. Challenges

2. Successes

3. Ideas & Solutions 

4. Clarify new battle plan moving forward 

You, your leadership team, and myself will  conduct your development programs together.