have been around the influence of business concepts and practices sine I was 11 years old. Back in 1989 I helped my Aunt Jackie and Uncle Ely with their very first business, World Selections.  It was an import company that sold items purchased from places like Hong Kong and the Philippines. 

Aunt Jackie and Uncle Ely would go on to open and operates several other business, of which I would take a very active and key role in helping grow and develop.  

I disclose how much I have financially invested to help articulate the level of dedication and commitment that I have when it comes to my personal, professional, and business development, I say this because I spent all of this time and money solely to strengthen my personal, professional, and business position in life.  At a young age I swore to myself that I would do whatever it takes to create the type of lifestyle I prefer to live, to do what the, "good wealthy folks" do. 


The tools, methods, techniques, and strategies I speak to you about are time tested and scientifically proven to produce results.  


didn't create this company just because I have over 25 years of valuable experience and wanted to put programs together, and definitely not just for the money, I created this company because I feel we Small Businesses, "We The People" have been getting bullied around and continuously taken advantage for way too long and it needs to stop immediately!  

I am on a Mission and I have a game plan, one that I guarantee will work!


Most of the tools, methods, techniques, and strategies within Reign Creation's programs are not taught in our American school system from Kindergarten through grade 12, and unless you are passionate about personal development and willing to invest a lot of time and money, you probably will never know or understand just how much money and opportunity is being left on the table.  

A quick little story about my last major project working with a start up company.  Being blessed and financially able to do so, I invested 2.5 years of my personal time, money, energy and other resources into helping a company by the name of Landlocked Aviation Services get off the ground during its infancy phase.  I did this for two main reasons.  

1.  A genuine desire to help one of my best friends, who is also a coach and mentor of mine,      succeed and win.  I knew he would need additional leadership who had the capacity

     to help get the project off of the ground and he would need people he could trust with

     just about every aspect of his business. 


2. ​ It was an opportunity of a lifetime to take my past 25 + years of personal, professional,          and business development and experience, and create my own style of programs       

     specifically designed to strengthen Small Businesses and help restore the power to the


For 2.5 years I traveled back and forth from Ponte Vedra Florida to Lake Charles Louisiana staying in hotels, sleeping on couches and air mattresses, missing my family, paying for most of my own food and even paying for some of my own lodging, never once taking a dime of compensation for 2.5 years.  


Why did I refused to be paid for my services during this timeframe?  Well, because I was financially able to do so and because I was in the creation phase and needed the freedom to create and operate as I saw fit, knowing that not even my closets of colleges and counter parts would completely understand some of the psychology and 

methodology behind my madness.  

About 1.5 years into the project I realized that the goals that I set in the beginning were going to exceed my original forecast of 2 years to completion, and because the project was already heavily invested into by both parties, Tyson Grenzebach, (founder of Landlocked Aviation Services) and I agreed on a base salary and moved my family to Louisiana for about another 2.5 years making it a 5 year project in all.


Over the 5 years I did a lot of different things to help create, communicate, and implement Landlocked's 5 elements.  Things from how to perform shift meetings, to attendance reform, to powerful incentive and rewards programs.  

For a closer look at my past 20 years of relevant personal, professional, and business development experiences, please read on and enjoy



My conscious journey began when I was 8 years old and my mother helped me to escape a very mentally and physically abusive step father.  She flew me from Silver Springs Maryland to Granite Falls Washington where my Aunt Jackie and Uncle Ely would help raise me until her divorce.  From day one I received a type of attention that I had never before experienced, one of which I was drawn to, appreciated, and loved!  This is when and where I began to develop my strong work ethic and sound moral values.

"They don't make them like they used to."
                                                                 - Kenny Rogers


Uncle Ely is your quintessential entrepreneur and businessman who quickly became a father figure to me and although Aunt Jackie did assist with just about every aspect of each business venture, her real interest, love, and talent belong to numbers.  There is no question that between the two of them I received an excellent foundation to build from as I grew, and grow through life.  Aunt Jackie became a second mother to me and Uncle Ely would play a solid role as a father figure.  


One of my earliest experiences with learning life skills, values, and strong work ethics is when my Aunt and Uncle purchased their first piece of land.  We spent several years clearing that land. Falling trees, removing stumps, limbing branches, cutting 12" sections of each tree with chainsaws later chopping all of it up for firewood, stacking and stacking preparing for winter.  Every so often, after a long days work just as the sun was setting, we would take rolled up news papers soaked in diesel, and light the stump and brush piles on fire as we huddle around 20 foot flames with a cold beer in hand.  After the land was cleared and shaped we put a $3,000 rundown single wide trailer on it which needed a special sealer applied to the roof every summer to help reduce the number of leaks during the fall, winter and spring seasons.  It's Washington State remember?   

Later we would build a house, one half at a time and eventually removing the trailer from the property.  Building everything from the concrete forms to the roof of the house is where I first learned how to use a tape measure, a skill saw, a table saw, a drill press, amongst all the other tools necessary to build a house.  We worked form sun up till sundown, rain or shine, taking breaks only when the tractor, chainsaw or other equipment needed gas and or sharpening...and lunchtime 😁😋 

My Grandfather and Grandmother owned  lots of land and ran a full time personal farm with chickens, cows, pigs, along with 2 large indoor and 2 large outdoor gardens.   My Grandmother was an amazing cook/baker and her chocolate chip cookies were my absolute favorite.  She canned and jared just about everything you could think of, talk about some serious home cooking..."farm life." 


I spent several summers helping my Grandmother and Grandfather care for just about a half an ace of indoor and outdoor vegetable gardens, weeding, fertilizing, watering, and harvesting organic vegetables.  We also raised and butchered chickens, cows, and pigs.  With the chickens, we would slit their throats, hang them upside down to let them bleed out, skin them, gut them, rinse them, put them into large freezer ziplock bags, and into the deep freezer they went. As for the cows and pigs, a professional butcher would come out to the farm to shoot, skin, hang, and chainsaw them in half, preparing to take them back to their facility to complete the butchering process.  Talk about a life experience for a 9 year old, watching, playing with, and raising baby chicks, cows, and pigs, only to kill and eat them later in life. 

My cousin Marlon and I would help my Grandfather every summer go get hay for the cows and pigs.  The irony is that due to Hay Fever Marlon and I would dose up on Benadryl before heading out to get the hay.  Using hay hooks we would buck bails of hay onto a conveyor belt as we loaded and unloaded them on and off the flat bed truck, from farm to farm.  


1989 - World Selections:  #1 business experience, it was Aunt Jackie and Uncle Ely's first business.  In the parking lot of the Marysville Mall we sold trinkets and gadgets from the Philippines and Hong Kong, later we claimed some real estate inside of the Marysville mall, and eventually acquired an actual brick and mortar store front in Everett WA.  I was more of a grunt worker but loved every moment nonetheless.  Stocking shelves and taking inventory were some of my primary responsibilities.  


1993 - Express Vending:  #2 business experience.  Here I would help run routes filling machines with cigarettes, snacks, drinks, candy, and stuffed animals.  I also helped to collect, count and deposit money, took product inventory, helped with shopping for goods and supplies, and even helped with a few mechanical issues like dollar, coin, and product malfunctions. 

1996 - Service of America:  #3 business experience.  Probably one of my most treasured business experiences because I played a key role in building and growing this one from the ground up.  A fun fact about me is that during the creation and growth of this landscaping company, in spite of my severe allergies to grass, weeds, pollen, mold, dust, and just about everything imaginable, I persevered and was able to help create, operate, grow, and sell this business for a very favorable profit.  I sold Service of America to a humble family man who was one of my most trusted teammates (employees) at the time and I am positive that he continued to grow that business into a multi-million dollar operation. It's Washington remember? 


At the beginning of creating this business is where my passion for personal, professional, and business development really began.  I had lots of clients asking me questions that I didn't have the answers too and I didn't like telling my clients, "I don't know" or "I'm not quite sure" or "let me get back to you on that" not to mention the additional revenue I was missing out on.  This is when I decided to go to the public library and check out a few books on pruning and after I began to see the results and reap the benefits of self development, it was game over.  Ever since then I have sought out any and all necessary information in order to better serve and add value to all of my clients and potential clients...and I still do!  

This was also the same timeframe when I began my financial educational journey.  One day while out servicing clients I stopped by our local bank to make a deposit and while waiting in line I saw a sign advertising a free financial class on budgeting.  Long story short, I ended up being the only person to sign up for the class and because of that I received a free one on one coaching session on budgeting from a banks perspective.  This made a significant impact in my personal, professional, and business life. 

1997 - Global Investments:  #4 business experience. Global Investments was a real estate company that flipped houses and my role here is that of a project manager.  Lots of trouble shooting, creativity and perseverance required.  Investing into real estate was and still is a passion of Uncle Ely's, and there is no doubt that it has had a profound impact on my personal, professional, and business life.  

1997 - Coffee Drive Thru:  #5 business experience Primarily playing the role of a grunt worker assisting with maintenance issues and logistics but with several locations and a need for some good help, I got to enjoy the coffee industry a little bit and although I only made coffee a few times, I sure did drink a lot of it 😁   

This was a busy timeframe for Aunt Jackie, Uncle Ely and myself because we had two different businesses to operate and manager all while Uncle Ely remained to hold a leadership position at Boeing.  

2000 - Associated Painters  #6 business experience.  This is where I first met Tyson, Founder of Landlocked Aviation Services.  Associated Painters is where I was able to hone my leadership skills.  Traveling all over the United States with a band of brothers providing the aviation paint industry with some of the best service in the industry...hands down!  

During the early stages of my role as a lead painter, I had the unique benefit and privilege of being coached and mentored by Tyson Grenzebach, founder and President of Landlocked Aviation Services.  I would shadow Tyson around each hanger listening and carefully observing how he interacted with clients, associates, and fellow teammates.  I soaked in everything I could, asking questions for clarity.  I was able to analyze many situations and scenarios that provided me excellent examples and experiences of what outstanding customer service and leadership really means.  One thing that really helped me advance in the company was the fact that I studied leadership, management, business, people skills, and communication skills during my time serving on the leadership team.  

2008 - Luminous Entertainment:  #7 business experience.  An entertainment company that my wife Jacqueline and I created in Oklahoma City.  For many of years we did very well operating and growing our business, and I contribute a large part of our success and blessings to the things we learned while attending the ADJA, MBLV, and Wedding MBA conventions over the  years.  During this timeframe I went "all in" on my personal, professional, and business development by attending lots and lots of conventions, seminars, workshops, networking groups, toastmasters, reading books, listening to audio books, CDs, DVDs, etc.. 


Although it was a hard decision due to business flowing smoothly and growing nicely, Jacqueline and I decided to move our family to Ponte Vedra Florida and restructured Luminous Entertainment into, Reign Productions.

2014 - Reign Productions is the same entertainment company that Jacqueline and I started in Oklahoma, we just renamed it as a part of the life change in our moving to Florida.  Shortly after moving did my long time friend, boss, coach, and mentor, finally step out on his own and start Landlocked Aviation Services.  This was something that Tyson and I had talked and joked around about for so many years.  Super excited about this once in a lifetime opportunity to help grow my friends business from the ground up, I decided to dissolve Reign Productions and help Landlocked Aviation Services grow. 

2014 - Landlocked Aviation Services  #8 business experience.  Although I had several leadership positions and roles prior to this, my time serving on the leadership team at Landlocked Aviation Services was one of the most invaluable ones!  I wore many hats during this timeframe.  Hats like production manager, trainer, systems developer, strategizing daily operations, and efficiency expert.  Playing a key role in the start up phase, I was so blessed to have had the ability to help create some solid training and development programs and strengthen areas of their daily operations

2019 -  Reign Creations:  #9 business experience.  I created Reign Creations because it's a primary vehicle to help facilitate my Mission...


"Restore the power to the people"


There is and has been a major lack of real Leadership in all areas of America and never before have we ever seen such blatantness in the unfoldment of personal agendas by our Government and other controlling factors. 

I have created my own unique blend of tools, methods, techniques, and strategies that are specifically designed to help strengthen Small Businesses and restore the power to the people.

My role at Reign Creations is a, "Culture Creator & Business Strategist Extraordinaire! 


After about 38 years of searching for "the purpose" or "a purpose" to life, I now know what purpose I want to serve for the rest of my "lifetime."

I Ricky T!, a Representative of Reign Creations, am teaming up with Small Businesses to educate and equip them and their teams with tools, methods, techniques, and strategies, that are guaranteed to strengthen any business and help restore the power to the people. 

I have proactively studied, applied, and have grown my personal, professional, and business lifestyles by and with the very same time tested and scientifically proven tools, methods, techniques, and strategies in my programs.  

"Personal, Professional, and Business development are hands down the most lucrative investments anyone could ever make"

- Ricky T!