Is a collection of thoughts that create a completed picture of some sort in your minds eye. Vision is the direction that you and your team are heading towards until the vision has been materialized in the external world.

Without a clearly defined vision that can be properly communicated to your entire team consistently it will be very challenging to move in a specific direction and it will also be challenging to create a solid mission.  

A very important question I as business owners as we clarify the vision of their company is, what do you see for your business in the future?  Do you plan to eventually sell it off to investors?   Do you plan to pass it down to your children, your family?  Do you want it to propel into the future for as long as possible?  There is an enormous amount of blood, sweat, tears, energy, and resources that go into the creation of your business and do you really want all of that to just be forgotten?  Or do you want it to perpetuate into the future for as long as possible?  And let's not forget about your frontline.  There will be those who have dedicated their lives to your company, those who depend on the health and continuation of your business.  


Is why you and your entire team show up everyday!  Mission is the purpose of your companies existence.  Mission is working with intentionality.  Mission is execution of your vision.  Mission is passion infused action.  Mission is an element that helps unify you and your entire team.  Mission is what happens between now and when your company vision is materialized in the external world.  Mission is something greater than each individual and once you properly communicate and infused this concept into the minds of your team, they will go way above and beyond the normal actions of the daily grind regardless of any differences that may occur amongst your team.  

Without a clearly defined mission you and your team are just showing up to collect a paycheck. 


Are the guiding principals of your company.  Values are what help keep you and your team on track throughout the life of your business.  Values are things that are dear to the hearts of you and your team.  Without clearly defined values properly communicated to your entire team it will be challenging to get the proper support to carry out your companies daily mission.  Without clearly defined values that are properly communicated the chances for frustration and conflict are very high.  



Are more universal to your entire team, they are what you and your entire team want to happen, or expect to happen.  What can be expected of you (your company) and what is expected of your team?

Example:  We expect everyone to show up on time.  We expect everyone to respect and support our company values.

Because they don't teach these concept in the traditional American school system most of us go through life with all of these unsaid expectation.  See, Understanding your V.I.B.E. Can Change Your Life? for further details. 

Without clearly defined expectations properly communicated to your entire team there will be lots of inefficiencies which lead to wasted resources. 


Are more individualized to each position or title.  They define each position and role.  

Example:  It is the responsibility of the wide receiver to run routes and catch the ball.  It is the responsibility of the secretary to answer all incoming phone calls, take messages, and relay those messages accordingly.  

Without clearly defined responsibilities properly communicated your company is at a greater risk of projects and tasks falling through the cracks.   Whoever is responsible for a task or project is usually held accountable for that project or task.  


Is what happens when expectations and responsibilities are not properly met.  Accountability is NOT a punishment, it is part of development.  Accountability also protects you, your, company (teammates) and your clients and customers by setting specific boundaries.  

Without clearly defined accountability measures it will be possible for random teammates to inflict harmful acts upon you and your teammates. 


All Star Team...

Now that you have clearly defined components 1 and 2 you are now ready to begin creating an All Star Team because you know exactly who your ideal teammate is and you are prepared to properly communicate your companies V.M.V. and E.R.A..  I am pretty sure we all know that creating an All Star Team is going to take lots of patience and time.  Over the years I can't tell you how many businesses I have come across that hire just for the sake of having extra bodies to "hopefully" get the job done. 


have been amazed time and time again at how most businesses hire in the same way using the same descriptions.  

Example:  We are looking for someone who is dependable, a people person, a quick learner, isn't afraid of hard work, etc.  

There are several reasons why "good help is hard to find" these days, some of which you might be surprised at.    

If you are wanting to take your company (team) to the championships (vision materialization) then you might consider taking a good look at your hiring process.  What are you doing different to get different results?   



All businesses are created and operate off of a series of systems and the quality of your business is in direct correlation to the quality of your daily. operational systems.  Clearly defined daily operational systems allow your company to flow smoothly, seamlessly, and effortlessly the majority of the time throughout the life of your business.  

Most business owners are aware to some degree about their daily operational systems but I am curious as to how many business owners continue to refine their systems whether it be once a year or once every ten years.  

Before you are able to automate your daily operations you will need to  dial in your systems and infuse an excellent T.A.D. programs. 

Why would you even consider automating your daily operations?  There are a couple really good reasons to consider.  


Is when your daily operations are so dialed in and your team are properly trained to where in most cases your company flows smoothly, seamlessly, and effortlessly.  Congratulations!  You can now refocus your time and energy in other areas that are important to you.  


Is the ability to take your current systems and processes and duplicate them.  Let's look at a few different reason you might consider duplicating. 

1.  Another location may not be part of your current vision but in the event things change in the future you will already be in a favorable position with the ability to duplicate your daily operations and processes. 

2. You may not have any plans to sell your business but in the event things change a business that can be duplicated right off the bat holds tremendous value in the eyes of investors, bankers, private lenders, etc. 

3. If you happen to have multiple locations you will strengthen your overall business structure because you are able to more effectively and efficiently move teammates from location to location and your T.A.D. programs will become way more effective and efficient. 



Is a short term program that focuses on skills, systems and processes primarily with new hires.  

Maintain to Stay sharp

If you haven't thought about or considered the importance and benefits of a clearly defined training program let's look at sports, military and. astronouts.  Do you think that they train just to kill time?  Do you think that they train because they hope to do better?  They train because they understand that it takes consistent action to keep your skills sharp.  

Do you think that Stephen Curry stops training?  

Do you think that Navy Seals stop training?

Do you think an Olympian gold Metalist stops training?  


Is a long term program that focuses on growth.  Growth means you do things that you haven't quite done before.  Growth means you push past comfort zones.  Growth is adding value to yourself and all of those around you. 

If you haven't thought about or considered the importance and benefits of a clearly defined development program then let's look at a few things to consider.

How do you plan to replace your current leadership team when the time becomes necessary? 

Develop to grow into different roles or positions.  Grooming to take over a specific area.  


There are so many different areas of growth the can be considered and here are Ricky T's top areas to consider because of the impact that they will have on your teammates which in turn will have an impact on your company. 

1. Finance

When your teammates are struggling financially it distracts them from fulfilling the mission day in and day out because they are concerned about how they are going to pay the bills and feed the family. 

2. Health

When your teammates are not in good health it not only can be distracting but it may even hamper them physically which takes away their full potential to help fulfill the mission. 

3. People skills

So many of us lack excellent people skills in large part because the traditional American school system doesn't teach us some of the people skills that would aid us in most of if not all of our interactions with others.  When your teammates are able to better interact with others it only increases production, teamwork, and client or customer experiences.  Effective and efficient communication is one of the key elements of people skills. 

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