Your wedding a Broadway Show with you, your guests and vendors as the cast, crew and audience with Reign Creations as your Entertainment Director.  


Plug & Play

Exclusive to Lucille Gardens Clients only

Are you planning an outdoor wedding with a country setting? 

Are you looking to DIY? 

Are you looking for creative ways to keep costs low? 


Then the Plug & Play package is a perfect fit for you especially if you are not going to use a professional:

* Wedding Planner

* Day of Coordinator 

* Wedding DJ



This Music Entertainment package is a perfect fit for those who need music entertainment and don't want to do it themselves.   

* Sound System  

* MC 

* Dance lights if applicable 



Give your guests the ultimate entertainment experience! 

* Entertainment Director / Coordinator 

* Bose Sound System / Mic / Music / MC

* Up lights & Dance Lights if applicable 

* Selfie Booth w/ Booth Concierge / Props



Are you planning a wedding?

Are you going to DIY?

Are you looking for creative ways to keep costs low?

Do you want to get the most value and best return from your time and money spent? 

If yes then this workshop is a perfect fit for you and your wedding team!

Workshops coming in 2020




EAE Wedding 06.02.12_2320.JPG


Do you know what's the #1 thing that can make or break your wedding day? 

Do you want your wedding to flow smoothly & seamlessly?

Do you want to share an unforgettable and an amazing experience with your guests?

Do you want to get the most value and best return from your time and money invested? 

Then this workshop was created just for you!


Reign Creations and Lucille Gardens have teamed up to bring to you a unique and powerful workshop, a one of a kind exclusive to Lucille Gardens!

@ this unique workshop I will share with you extremely valuable insights and tools from some of the greatest minds in the wedding industry, some of whom are friends and mentors of mine. 


These guys are true masters of their craft and some of them have even taken the stage at MBLV & The Wedding MBA.

The insights, tools, and experiences that I will share with you have literally taken me decades and hundreds of thousands of dollars to acquire, implement and see real results...consistently!

Consider this workshop a combination of:




A value well over priceless delivered to you in about 2 to 3 hours. 

2014-05-24 18.08.06.jpg


There will only be 25 seats available at each workshop.

Now, Lucille Gardens has the capacity to accommodate up to 200 people so why only 25 seats? 

* Because you begin to dilute the ability to connect and deliver

   focused attention with all who attend.


* Because quality goes down as production goes up.   


WHY FREE if so valuable?

2 main reasons...to give back and pay it forward!

​The #1 Reason is...


My wife and I planned and paid for our entire wedding and we...

* Went way over budget

* Experienced stress, frustration, being overwhelmed 

* Made lots of mistakes because of things we didn't know prior which cost more time and money than necessary. 

Combine that with...

My time and experience in the wedding industry as a professional entertainment director traveling the country to places like...

* Vegas for Mobile Beat and the Wedding MBA conferences.

* Chicago for the 1st ADJA conference back in 2008.

* Oklahoma City attending the Oklahoma Bridal Show as a vendor.

* Orlando Florida attending wedding network groups and countless vendor brunches, seminars...

And throughout the years I saw something that was missing, a gap, which creates a fairly significant challenge for lots of couples, especially the DIY couples and because of this gap Reign your Wedding workshop was born!  Give back and pay it forward!


Whether you get married at Lucille Gardens or not Jackie & Ely Briones, partners and parents to Destiny Briones, really want to give back to the wedding community because:

* They know & believe in the power behind this unique workshop.

* Because they have seen 1st hand some of these challenges that I speak of. 

* Because they know that you are guaranteed to walk away with value that will greatly benefit you and your wedding team 

   regardless of where you are at in the planning process and regardless of the type of budget you are working with.

* Because they know 1st hand the importance & benefits of getting the most value and best ROI from your time and money.

* Because they really want to see couples start their new life together on the left foot 🦶🏼🙂



1. Things to consider throughout your planning process from ceremony to the Grand Exit...


2. The difference between a, "DJ" and a, "Professional DJ" and why consider either one

3. What makes a professional, well, professional

4. The #1 challenge that lots of vendors, especially DJ's have when it comes to communicating details and pricing of services    

    with potential clients and how it complicates the process for everyone involved is...

5. True stories and examples of my own challenges as a professional wedding entertainer and as a couple who planned and

    paid for their entire wedding.

6. Quality questions to ask vendors...especially DJ's


7. Q&A, hold nothing back brainstorm mastermind session (True Power)


8. Drawing for a FREE Make it Reign entertainment package for 2020 weddings held at Lucille Gardens only

     (A $3,000 VALUE - Ask about details)

9. Drawing for FREE basic DJ services (weddings in 2020)

9. Mingle & Network session





Exclusive guided tour of Lucille Gardens.  Learn about how this beautiful piece of land almost never became a venue


Jennifer & Jeff Pike


We were going to just use an iPod at first but then one of my friends convinced me to get a professional to do it.


Can't say enough about how you handled our reception.  Everyone loved it because of how friendly and down to earth you were and all the guest felt very welcome...kinda like you were hosting a private party at your own house.



Susan & Matt McConnell


We had such an amazing time.  Our friends and family kept asking me where we found our DJ.  You really seemed to know how to keep the flow of the evening very smooth and you also seemed to know when to play all the right songs.

Really can't thank you enough!


Mr. & Mrs. Ercan


Very professional!  All of our friends and family genuinely enjoyed the way you kept the evening moving right along.  You didn't rush anything and you didn't let a moment linger longer than you needed to. Your timing was spot on as well as your music selection.


Thank you so much Ricky T!  We will definitely be recommending you to everyone we know. 



Ricky T!

Reign Creations

Ricky T! is a Culture Creator & Business Strategist Extraordinaire!

Ricky T! has an unreal love and passion for music, entertainment, and business development and why would he put himself on the list of Mentors and Businesses Associates? Well...

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Marc O'Leary


Marc O' Leary Weddings 



Strawberry Hill Povitica

Marc O' Leary is a world class entertainer and entrepreneur!

With over 20 years in the wedding industry and as owner of a 3rd generation family business pumping out the best Croatian breads hand crafted by real artisans, Marc has been a major influence and perfect mentor to Ricky T!

Because of Marc's phenomenal Mentorship Ricky T! was able to...

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Adrian Buendia

Nexus Productions



Eskimo Sno

Adrian Buendia is a self made Normanite graduating from OU with a business degree!


With nothing short of a monopoly in the Norman OK area Adrian and his wife Jennifer have amassed a small family empire between Nexus Productions and Eskimo Sno!

Thanks to the Mentorship of Adrian Ricky T! has been able to...

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Jennifer Hamilton

The Hamilton Event Center

Jennifer Hamilton, owner and founder of, "The Hamilton Event Center" in Edmond, Oklahoma.  


Jennifer has been a titan of the wedding industry for well over a decade!  Under promising and over delivering...that's Jennifer!  

Due to Jennifers generosity as a mentor to Ricky T! he was able to...

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Tyson Grenzebach


Landlocked Aviation Services

Tyson Grenzebach, owner and founder of Landlocked Aviation Services and a true master of his craft...literally!


 Painting aircraft for over 20 years Ricky T! has been very fortunate to have been able to have worked side by side, for and with Tyson, getting personal coaching and mentorship for almost 20 years and because of that Ricky T! has learned many valuable things but the most valuable one was...

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John Maxwell Mentorship

The John Maxwell Team

John Maxwell himself is a world renown Leader, Coach and Mentor.


The John Maxwell Mentorship program is one of a kind!  Ricky T! has attendedof lots of groups and organizations over these past 20+ years and he claims that the John Maxwell Team has been one of his personal favs because they are on a movement to create more and more Leaders around the world. 

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